vCardSplit is something I wrote years ago for a friend.

To my amazement, it's still needed today.

It's absolutely free to download and use, and always will be. Unfortunately, that also means I can't offer any support for it - sorry.

Download vCardSplit here.

If you're geeky enough to want to see the source, download it here.

Wasted Neurons Wednesday - The Architecture of MS-DOS

I have a lot of neurons wasted on MS-DOS. Probably more than for any other technology I've ever worked with.

Which is a bit ironic, as most people would say that the entire problem with MS-DOS is that there's so little of it...

And I'll admit that I would agree MS-DOS has an architecture in the same way that a bivouac has - there's the beginnings of something there, but it's not exactly going to fill a textbook.

Wasted Neurons Wednesday

Wasted Neurons Wednesday is an occasional column that covers dead technologies that I still waste neurons knowing about.

About my phone(s)...

A long time ago, I reviewed my last Nokia phone. I concluded that it was good, and I'd miss it.

I moved on to an Android phone - a HTC Desire Z. I had that for eighteen months, and was very happy with it. And I meant to review it when I finished with it, but didn't get around to it because there was something nagging at my mind about just how I'd review it. There were a lot of thoughts to distill down, and I somehow couldn't find the right way to review it.

Structurally Sound

Structurally Sound

Structurally Sound.

They are actually fine, but they're not inviting steps.

Taken on the St Alphage's Highwalk, by London Wall.

Blossoms Hiding In The City

Blossoms Hiding In The City

Not sure what it is I like about this photo. It was taken back in April, and has been bugging me for a while, so hopefully publishing it will make me stop thinking about it!

SMWS Grain Week

Late May was Grain Week at the SMWS. (Yes, this is very late. Sorry.)

The SMWS has always had a progressive streak - despite their name, they've also bottled Irish, Japanese and Welsh malts in the past.

Several years ago, they started bottling grain. This annoyed the traditionalists no end, but has kept me happy and my bank account empty for a while now...

So here we go - ten grains, eight of which were brand new. How could I resist?



Not much to say about this one. Saw it, had to grab a photo of it... It is, and always will be, bull.

Clock House Under Snow and Fog

Last week it was hot and sunny, and everyone complained.

This week it is hot and will rain, and everyone is complaining.

Remember this? You didn't like it, and you complained...
Clock House Under Snow and Fog



Whilst in a rather damp Wales (Nant-y-derry), I found this nice little scene.

Three things related to the title Transport in this photo. Can you find them all?


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