About this site

This site is the third website that I've had. This page itself is about the technical side of the website - I prefer to let the content speak for itself on other issues.

My first was a crappy set of hand-rolled webpages on an ISP's webserver as part of a dial-up connection package (remember those?).

My second was a crappy set of hand-rolled webpages on a shared hosted webserver.

This third site is a content-managed dynamic site hosted on a virtual private server (VPS).

If that made no sense to you, congratulations - you've not wasted your life with computers. Don't get too smug though - you're reading this, which suggests you're wasting your life browsing the web. Try going out for a walk.

The VPS it sits on is provided by the excellent Bitfolk, who I've never had any problems with. DNS is provided by Portfast, who also rock.

As we're crediting people, I guess we should also mention Debian, Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL - all projects without which this site could not exist.