About this site

This site is the third website that I've had. This page itself is about the technical side of the website - I prefer to let the content speak for itself on other issues.

My first was a crappy set of hand-rolled webpages on an ISP's webserver as part of a dial-up connection package (remember those?).

My second was a crappy set of hand-rolled webpages on a shared hosted webserver.

This is a content-managed dynamic site hosted on a virtual private server.

If that made no sense to you, congratulations - you've not wasted your life with computers. Don't get too smug though - you're reading this, which suggests you're wasting your life browsing the web. Try going out for a walk.

For those that do care about technical details, the site is built with Drupal and uses the following user-contributed modules:
Content Access
Forum Access
Service Links
Global Redirect

The VPS it sits on is provided by the excellent Bitfolk, who I've never had any problems with. DNS is provided by Portfast, who also rock.

As we're crediting people, I guess we should also mention Debian, Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL - all projects without which this site could not exist.

Their work has taken the drudgery out of maintaining a website, for which I am hugely thankful. (The cheque is in the post.)