Welcome to the mysterious future

Welcome, visitor from the past!

You came from a link to a long dead page...

A long time ago, many things linked to my various websites. And then the websites were purged, and reborn - all content deliberately discarded.

Mostly because it was so out of date it was laughable!

Unfortunately, the many links to the website are out there on the internet, beyond my control, and you've followed one to here. You are, in a way, a refugee of time.

If you're looking for old content from the Not-So-Rapid Blog, I do have backups. Email me at phil at philipstorry dot net with details of what you're looking for, and I can either dig out the backup or just re-write an updated copy of what you seek.

If you're looking for the NotesCleardown tool, it's dead. It was for Notes 6.x only (which IBM no longer supports!), and I now lack both the tools and the Notes installations with which to develop it. As I can't support it, I'm no longer making it available - sorry.

-- Phil