Tower Bridge at Sunrise

I went into London before sunrise, looking for good photos.

(Which sounds impressive, but it was December 29th, and sunrise was about 8am!)

Knowing that the sun rises behind Tower Bridge, I smelled an easy photo opportunity. But woe is me - I can't decide which one I like better!

One is in Landscape:
Tower Bridge at Sunrise

And the other in Portrait:
Tower Bridge at Sunrise

The landscape version (above) has more focus on Tower Bridge itself, partly because of the strong shadows in the water and the tighter focus which makes it dominate the picture. But the portrait version (below) has more dappled water, a more interesting shoreline and that wonderful sky comes into focus.

I suppose it depends on how you want to look at the picture. If it's a sunrise, you want the portrait version - it's about the whole scene. But if you want a picture of Tower Bridge, then the landscape version is your kind of thing.

The only real option is to give the world both. At once. And then hold a gun to your head and make you choose.

Stay right there looking at these, whilst I go fetch something....



Portrait just has the edge for me! Just gorgeous! x

It's the sky

That sky is wonderful. :-)

needs more HDR ;-)



There is no HDR in this.

I freely admit to pulling the black level (new to Bibble 5.2.3) higher than an old man wears his trousers!

But no HDR. :-)


A track with no cowbell in it still needs more cowbell though ;-)

But i's trolling ya, you know I hate HDR with a passion...


Oooh - nice!

I knew you weren't trolling, bluemeat - but I didn't want passing people think I was cheating and doing HDR! ;-)

The onblack thing you linked to there is superb, though - I'm going to steal that and add it to all my photos in future! Thanks very much!