Cranes with contrail

Cranes with Contrail

The thing people don't do often enough in cities...

Look up.

I happened to notice this pleasing composition, which was gone moments later.

It's part of a new Flickr set called Cranes. It only has three photos in it today, but I get the feeling that London will provide plenty more...

Flaming Heart

The Flaming Heart is a fine whisky by the excellent folks at Compass Box.

At the launch there was some pyromania:
Flaming Heart

There are a few more photos in this set, but that's the one I like the most.

(It's almost as good as the whisky!)

Remember folks, alcohol and fire don't mix. Only do this kind of thing in the presence of a professional mixologist!

Laid to Rest (Kensal Green Cemetary Flickr Meet)

Laid to Rest

I wandered over to Kensal Green Cemetary, and took some photos.

It's a very peaceful place, and there are some very new graves there which is a little disturbing for some strange reason. Also, there are many stone angels. If you watch Doctor Who, you might not want to think about that too much as you wander around...

Tower Bridge at Sunrise

I went into London before sunrise, looking for good photos.

(Which sounds impressive, but it was December 29th, and sunrise was about 8am!)

Knowing that the sun rises behind Tower Bridge, I smelled an easy photo opportunity. But woe is me - I can't decide which one I like better!

The Shard Under Construction

The Shard is something I see almost every working day, as it's being built right next to a station on my commute.

The Shard Under Construction

This photo is atypical of most photos I've taken of it, or seen - it shows a cloud eclipsing the top of the building on an otherwise fine day.

I did consider making The Shard a longer term photo project, but in the end I realised I had too many other projects on the go. A pity, as it's been interesting to see this appear over time.

When lit up on a dark winter's evening, the final building will probably look very nice. Expect photos of that sometime next year!

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