Brace yourself, Internet!

Tonight and tomorrow are the Internet's busiest time of year.

In the same way that at New Year the mobile phone networks get a free stress test with millions of messages of goodwill, the Internet is about to get a massive stress test as people open their Christmas presents.

Because when's the last time you had a shiny new computer that didn't have to download updates almost immediately after being turned on for the first time?

Not to mention registration, apps being downloaded, and so forth.

And all that on top of the extra traffic generated by a holiday.

Yes, tomorrow is a difficult day for the Internet.

So have some patience, and spare a thought for those unfortunate souls who are working behind the scenes to keep it all running.

(And all those folks working in the emergency services, armed forces, utilities, health care and social care, and other essential roles.)

It is, after all, Christmas.