SMWS Spellbound Outturn

SMWS G8.7 - Caribbean banana frittersAt the end of October, we have a sudden surprise outturn. On the one hand it hopefully helps reduce the sheer volume of drams we have to deal with in November, on the other hand it really did bugger up my Friday!

SMWS Dramatic Outturn

SMWS 5.52 - Fluffy Fruity Profiteroles The October Outturn is traditionally a little smaller, a little quieter than the big November beast at the SMWS. But damn tradition, as it leaves less room for excellent drams!

Twelve albums that left a lasting impression

A meme on Facebook asked me to name 12 albums that left a lasting impression. I wanted to do more than just give folks a list, so decided to write a little about each one and what it means to me.

I've sort of cheated on a couple of selections, by combining two releases into one where it feels right to me. The list is also in no particular order of influence. I've also thrown in Spotify links for your convenience.



Kind of self-explanatory, don't you think?

Taken whilst on a walk from Penge East to Birckbeck Station. The church spire is St Johns.

SMWS Hammock Drams

SMWS 50.79 - Tickly, zesty and exoticThe outturn for September is a bit bigger than usual, and nicely diverse. It also promises to be expensive for many people!

Cask, wise, we seem to have it all - first and refill bourbon, several sherried drams, and a Chenin Blanc!


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