Revision of SMWS Outturn 280 - Serving Summer from Fri, 05/07/2019 - 08:36

SMWS G3.10 - The lady varnishesAnother month, and the year seems to be going so quickly! Fortunately, we have some good whisky to help it go by pleasantly as well.

The July outturn from the SMWS isn't celebrating a festival, or anniversary, or any other special theme. It's just a collection of good whiskies. Also, many of them are lighter and sweeter, which in the current heatwave is very welcome.

My pick of the previews was the Caledonian, which is a superb example of aged grain, and for a closed and sought after distillery is also something of a bargain! The varnish and fruits combine very nicely, with a hint of spice in there too. I want more than one bottle!

The superbly floral Longmorn is worth trying, and the Glen Ord adds fruits to the floral theme.

At this stage of the month, that's all I can talk about. But I did get to preview five mid-month drams, and if you like ballots for first bottlings of new distilleries then this is gong to be a good month for you! More on those soon.

Fortunately, as always Matt has done the other half of the list - his notes are over at The Dramble and are well worth reading.