Revision of SMWS Outturn 264 - Flavour Parade from Fri, 06/04/2018 - 06:56

SMWS 53.251 - Peat fire magicI got to try 11 of the whiskies - about half the list - and there's good news and bad news.

The bad news is mostly for my wallet. Nothing scored a 5, but there's a whopping five drams that gained a score of 4.5! And remember - this isn't even the whole list!

There's two for the whisky geeks - a Dalmore that packs in flavours like it's a car park at a clown convention, and a Laphroiag that's made for demonstrating how water changes a whisky.

Then there's the ones for less involved drinking - the light, sweet Glenlossie, or the rich and fully sherried Glenlivet - isn't it great to have that kind of choice?

Finally, there's my pick of the evening - the delightful Caol Ila, which is just a superb example of Islay magic.

Don't overlook the wonderful Aberlour and the cracking Glendronach, both of which scored a creditable four.

Of course, other whiskies are available - the full list is below. I can only report what I taste - get yourself to the Society, and see what you think of them!