Lamp Post

Lamp Post

I just really like this photograph. As I walked towards the lamp post, my eye was drawn more towards it. Then the lamp shade nestled on the treeline, and was framed by the clouds - which seem to almost skirt the top of the lamp, as though it had dipped into the waters of the sky and pushed them aside.

Yes, the bottom of the scene is busy. But there are lovely vibrant colours, and the eye darts down into them before jumping back up to the sky for relief - where the alignments all just work.

It's a very satisfying scene.

This is also quite a rare photograph for me... I did nothing to it.

Usually, when post-processing, I do something to the photograph. I maybe crop it just a little. Or have to rotate it a degree or so. But not this time.

With this one, I looked at it momentarily - and decided to just hit "export". I just felt that any adjustments wouldn't be worth the time. And that is a very unusual feeling for me. I usually at least experiment a little...

But this time, I'd taken exactly the photograph that I wanted.