This is the wooden front of Edmund Martin Ltd's shop - tripe dressers, meat & offal salesmen, according to the sign that I conveniently left out of shot.


Taken back in 2008, this shop was demolished as part of the Crossrail works, which is a great shame.

I actually took the picture because I was participating in a photographic scavenger hunt, and one of the items was simply listed as "wooden" - which is how this photo came about. The moment I tried to think of something wooden, I recalled seeing this door sometime in the previous few days, so made a quick diversion when I was next in the area.

There are a number of technical details I'm happy about with this shot - I recall it was taken tanding right at the kerb, using a very wide angle lens. I like the tone and light that I was lucky enough to capture.

But seven years later, it's the only shot from that little scavanger hunt that I think is worth going back to. It's the only one that I ever printed. (And it makes a superb print, by the way.)

That's what really matters - whether a photograph stays in the mind.