108.11 - Strawberry cheesecake macaroons

11 years old, distilled 17th July 2006, 58.1% abv, First-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 240 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 108.11 - Strawberry cheesecake macaroonsThe nose has strawberry, lemon and hints of fruits of the forest. There's also a little cheesecake base lurking in there. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has an initial hit of strawberry pavlova, followed by toffee and then some hints of powdered sugar and spice. The finish is strawberry and cheesecake base.

Water brings out thin, rapidly expanding whorling that lingers but doesn't quit mottle. The nose gains melon and honeyed notes. The body gains a rich smoothness in texture - I evidently nailed the water ratio! - and then melon and fruits of the forest join the strawberries. Finally there's a hint of cinnamon, which continues into the finish. The finish itself gains fruits of the forest and honeyed notes, and loses some of the cheesecake.

A very good summer morning refreshment, for when rain stops play.

Technical score: 3.5/5

Personal preference: I'd have another dram.