108.53 - Crunchy salt and pepper squid

10 years old, distilled 23rd August 2011, 62.6% abv, second fill medium charred barrel, 207 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 108.53 - Crunchy salt and pepper squidThe nose has bonfire smoke and hints of liniment. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has pineapple, lemon and bonfire smoke with hints of liniment bandages. The finish has bonfire smoke and pineapple with touched of liniment.

Water brings out tight thin whorling that doesn’t quite mottle. The nose gains more smoke and loses a little liniment. The body gains barbecued seafood, more pineapple and loses the liniment. The finish gains more pineapple and loses a touch of smoke.

A lovely peated mainlander that combines fruit, medicinal hints and smoke in a marvellous manner. Skip the Islays, this is at least as good.

One for summer nights.

Technical score: 4.5/5
Personal preference: I’d like a bottle.

This whisky was provided by the SMWS in a preview session - thanks to them for that. Full editorial control has been retained in the tasting process.