10.95 - Smoky porky perky poke

10 years old, distilled 20th December 2005, 59.8% abv, second fill ex-bourbon barrel, 198 bottles

SMWS 10.95 - Smoky porky perky pokeThe nose is huge and distinctive - driftwood bonfires, seared pork chops, vanilla sweetness and a balance of soft peat. The mouthfeel is decent, with plenty of cling. The body has honey-glazed pork, lime juice, lemon and then smokey bacon, hints of TCP and then all that finally giving way to a finish of shoreline bonfires and peat bogs.

Water brings out thick, expanding whorling that lingers but never quite mottles. The nose now gains a small amount of lemon and lime. The body has also gained those citrus notes, and then a hit of seared pork chops. The smokey bacon and TCP hints are gone. The finish is unchanged.

Wow. A superb expression of this distillery, balancing peat with sweet fruits and meaty flavours. One for hiding from friends.