1.189 - "High on the hills with a lonely goatherd..."

21 years old, distilled 24th May 1993, 54.3% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 245 bottles

SMWS 1.189The nose has melon, mango, kiwi fruit, peach, toffee and crystallised ginger. The mouthfeel is thin with little cling. The body has more fruits - melon, red apples, peaches, apricot, and then a little buttery pastry and some cardamom and ginger going into the finish. The finish is long and sweet, with peaches and a hint of toffee.

Water brings out thick, slow moving whorling that settles into mottling for a while. The nose has less ginger and more of the fruit notes, less of the toffee. The body has less red apples, more of the ginger (now crystallised?) and then a little of the buttery pastries before cardamom and cinnamon announce the finish - which is peaches and cardamom, with a hint of toffee.

A good light dram for dessert. How many servings is up to you though...