1.194 - "Attractive, rounded and comforting"

16 years old, distilled 9th April 1999, 60.6% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 211 bottles

DSC_0267The nose has plenty of citrus - orange zest and tangerines, over notes of toffee, honey and blackcurrant. The mouthfeel is thin and not coating - it slips over the tongue! The body has cloves, ginger, marmalade, cinder toffee, and Battenburg cake. The finish has vanilla and cinnamon with a little orange peel.

Water brings out tight, short-lived whorling that doesn’t settle or linger. The nose gains apple and peach notes, with a little florality creeping in. The body gains blackcurrant, apricot and a little old leather. The finish is much the same.

A fine whisky for any occasion.