121.81 - "Intense, lively and delicious"

15 years old, distilled 2nd December 1999, 55.2% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 286 bottles

DSC_0254The nose has honeysuckle, lavender, rose water, midget gems and a little hint of lemon fresh fabric conditioner. The mouthfeel is thin, with a little coating. The body is an intense explosion of flavours - lemon and lime, cinnamon, cherries, crispbread and then finally rum-soaked sultanas. The finish is very light and short - a hint of apple juice, then toffee, then gone.

Water brings thin, short-lived whorling that doesn’t settle much. The nose now has a little apple alongside the floral notes, but has less lemon. The body gains more lemon, but loses the cherries and the crispbread. The finish is sweet and sharp and now lingers more - lemon, toffee and then apples and sultanas.

A lovely dram for a summer's picnic.