121.96 - Afternoon cream tea

16 years old, distilled 20th April 2000, 53.0% abv, Virgin Oak Hogshead, 168 bottles

SMWS 121.96 - Afternoon cream teaThe nose has roses, spring blossoms and finely whipped nougat. There's also a hint of burnt toast. The body has burnt oak, coconut, lemon, and then cinnamon before the finish - which is short with nutmeg, cinnamon and a hint of Turkish Delight.

Water brings out thick, quickly expanding whorling that settles into lovely mottling. The nose gains oak furniture and sawdust, joined by cinnamon and hints of pears. The floral notes are pushed to the back, but remain. The body gains toffee and a little more lemon. The finish is unchanged.

A decent dram, slightly dominated by the virgin oak.