25.68 - "Vichy kisses"

23 years old, distilled 14th November 1990, 57.8% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 214 bottles

The nose has an immediate and big hit of pears, green apples, floral-scented fabric conditioner, and a hint of wood spices (scented candles or camphor wood?). The mouth-feel is a little sharp, but pleasingly coating and quite full. The body is light - banana and pears moving to fudge and then to a carpenters' workshop. The finish has a return of the florality from the nose, with toffee, fudge and a little sliver of pear.

Water brings big but short lived whorling that doesn't last long. The nose now brings more florality and less fruit, with a hint of ginger and more of the camphor wood from the unwatered nose. The body has some slight ginger heat, and more of the fudge - the fruits are less prominent now. The finish is longer and sweeter, less fudge and more pear and meadow flowers.

A superb dram that should thrill any Lowlands fan, and convert many to being Lowlands fans...