26.113 - "A joy to savour"

10 years old, distilled 3rd June 2004, 58.3% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 185 bottles

DSC_0215The nose has furniture wax and a lot of fruit - lemon, apricot, mango. The mouthfeel is thin and fleeting - this whisky slips from the mouth leaving just the flavours. Magnificent. The body has pineapple, vanilla, cinnamon, mango and a little soft toffee. The finish is sweet citrus and lingers softly for a short while.

Water brings out expanding, lasting whorling that settles into lasting mottling. The nose now has less lemon, more wax and apricot. The body has lost the cinnamon and the toffee, and the vanilla is softer. The fruits remain, with a slight fruit salad chews note. The finish is unchanged.

A superb expression of this distillery, to hide from your friends and claim it's finished already.