28.31 - Anything but Airy-Fairy!

9 years old, distilled 14th September 2006, 60.0% abv, Virgin Oak Butt, 466 bottles

SMWS 28.31 - Anything but Airy-Fairy!The nose is big - rum and raisins, dark chocolate and hints of Madeira. The mouthfeel is smooth with a little cling. The body has more of the Madeira and hazelnuts with some hints of peaches and apricots, and the finish is much the same. A big set of flavours, delivered with consistency throughout.

Water brings out thick, big whorling that expands quickly before settling into mottling. The nose now gains sultanas, gingerbread and damsons. The body has much the same as the nose, and even a hint of pineapple. The finish has a touch more of the pineapple, alongside raisins and gingerbread.

A superb dram for dessert.