29.159 - "Anyone for cricket?"

17 years old, distilled 3rd October 1997, 51.7% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 280 bottles

The nose has soft wood smoke, germoline, ash filled hearths and a touch of mint. The mouth-feel is clean and without much coating. The body has vanilla, cigar boxes, worn leather, and tea. The finish has a hint of fabric soften, then tobacco and crisp bonfire smoke.

Water brings incredibly tightly packed whorling which rapidly spreads and then lingers as mottling for a while. The nose now has less germoline and more of the vanilla - with mint leaves as garnish,served by a log fire. The body has more tannin notes - the tea joined by hessian sacks. The finish is saltier, with less of the fabric conditioner and more of the tobacco.

A superb dram for a winter's evening after a brisk walk.