29.166 - "Elementary, my dear watson"

15 years old, distilled 1st July 1999, 51.5% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 246 bottles

DSC_0248The nose has light smoke, wax jackets and a hint of vanilla. The mouthfeel is light, sweet and doesn't cling or linger. The body has vanilla, green apples, grilled pork, light smoke and a little liquorice. The finish is vanilla and barbecue smoke.

Water brings out thin, short-lived whorling that doesn't linger or mottle. The nose has more vanilla and wax, a little less smoke. The body loses the smoke but the apples and grilled pork are more dominant. The finish is still smokey, with a little less vanilla.

A lovely light Islay, which will be cruelly overlooked by Islay fans as ‘not what they're looking for’. Drink on a shoreline, with a warm wind slipping around you.