29.182 - Burnt buttered bannock bread

16 years old, distilled 1st July 1999, 57.6% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 222 bottles

SMWS 29.182 - Burnt buttered bannock breadThe nose has rosemary, barbecue ash and a little heather and brine. The mouthfeel is thin, with little cling. The body is a big hit of smoke - charcoal and peat, with a little heather honey and some hints of kiwi fruit. The finish is sweet smoke with heather honey.

Water brings out thick, viscous whorling that lingers for a short while as it moves to brief mottling. The nose now has more smoke, and less heather. The body has a little more fruit - kiwi fruit, pear, watermelon - and then more smoke. The finish is bigger - more smoke, less heather honey and a hint of lemon.

A big dram with plenty of presence - one for the winter shoreline as the light fades.