2.92 - "Coconut panna cotta"

13 years old, distilled 16th April 2002, 60.7% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 270 bottles

SMWS 2.92The nose is very fruity - mango, pineapple, passion fruit, apricot, peaches, and a little hint of lemon. The mouthfeel is very thin, but spreads out nicely and has a little cling. The body has the fruits from the nose, with a little more lemon, all quite nicely balanced. There's also little spice cinnamon and cumin. The finish is lemon and pineapple.

Water brings out tight, thin, very long lived whorling that spreads quickly. The nose now has a little cinnamon, and the fruits are less prominent (but still there). There's also a hint of old oak furniture. The body has gained a little toffee and coconut, which persists into the finish. The finish is sweet, long and still has retains lemon and pineapple notes.

A superb dram for watching others work in the garden...