30.84 - "To sit by the Samovar"

34 years old, distilled 24th April 1980, 44.5% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 213 bottles

The nose is a delightful mix of cedarwood, new corrugated cardboard, and hints of berries (fruits of the forest). The mouth-feel is thin but very smooth, with just a little coating on the tongue. The body has tea chests, Turkish Delight, Manuka honey and a touch of cardamom. The finish is long, sweet and soft - honey and Turkish Delight.

Water brings thick, tightly packed whorling that lasts for a long time - beautiful! The nose now has cherries, fruits of the forest, and Earl Grey tea. The body has more tea chests and less honey, and glacé cherries. The finish gains fruits of the forest.

A delightful and restrained whisky which deserves a fresh palate - one for the start of an evening.