30.92 - Brighten up your day!

24 years old, distilled 21st February 1992, 46.7% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 192 bottles

SMWS 30.92 - Brighten up your day!The nose has honey, pear, green apple and a hint of peach. The mouthfeel is thin and very smooth, with no cling. The body has peach, pear, green apples and then a little oak. The finish is sweet with balsa wood and honey.

Water brings out tight, rapidly expanding whorling that doesn't settle into mottling. The nose has gained a little herbal note - thyme and sage - and lost the peach. The body has gained some lights citrus notes, at the expense of the peaches and green apples. The finish is unchanged.

A lovely dram for the start of the day. Whisky for breakfast, anyone?