3.235 - "The happy camping holiday"

26 years old, distilled 11th April 1988, 50.9% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 202 bottles

A very light smoke, light cinnamon, fennel and hints of old canvas bags on the nose. The mouth-feel is good - not thin, but immediately expanding without being coating. The body has much more than the nose - vanilla, bonfire smoke and then a big hit of lavender, which continues into the finish. Smoke and lavender mix nicely in the finish, which lingers for quite a while.

Water brings thick oily whorling that dissipates slowly, but doesn’t spread widely. The nose now has lavender, with less fennel and canvas - sweet, with a hint of smoke. The body is a lavender smoke bomb, with herbal hints towards the finish. Smoke from an autumnal bonfire mixes delightfully with lavender in the finish.

A super light Islay, well suited to warming a winter's evening.