3.248 - "Like a hot coal in the mouth"

17 years old, distilled 25th September 1997, 57.7% abv, refill ex-sherry butt, 594 bottles

SMWS 3.248The nose is a chimera - lavender and bacon, which shouldn't work but does. There are also notes of cut grass, honey, and demerara sugar. The mouthfeel is sublimely smooth, with a little cling. The body has more on the bacon-and-lavender theme, adding maple-glazed smokey bacon, pot-pourri, honey on toast and a hint of citrus. The finish is a simple continuation of the theme, and that is by no means a bad thing.

Water brings out thick, short-lived whorling that lasts but doesn't spread. The nose now gains soft smoke, like a small bonfire of driftwood. The body has a little cinder toffee along with the previous notes, and perhaps a dash of sulphur. The finish is unchanged - still excellent.

A simply superb dram. Good for an all-day breakfast!