35.147 - Spicy sweet sensation

21 years old, distilled 11th November 1994, 55.3% abv, First Fill Toasted Ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 270 bottles

SMWS 35.147 - Spicy sweet sensationThe nose has hot cross buns, maple syrup and honeyed notes. The mouthfeel is thin and smooth, with a little cling. The body continues with the cinnamon and adds chilli powder notes. The finish is cinnamon and honey.

The tasting notes advise against much water - I added a few drams but no more. Thick, short-lived whorling dissipates quickly. The nose gains pork and hickory notes. The body is even spicier, but has gained a wooden element - aromatic and dry. The finish also gains some woodiness.

A dram for ending the evening with an Islayphobe.