35.165 - Variety - the spice of life

13 years old, distilled 25th April 2003, 52.9% abv, First Fill Ex-Chenin Blanc Hogshead, 180 bottles

SMWS 35.165 - Variety - the spice of lifeThe nose has tobacco and cinnamon, and hints of sage and fennel. The mouthfeel is thin with little cling, quite dry. The body has tea chests and tobacco, hints of oranges and then balsamic vinegar as it moves into the finish - which is short and sweet, vinegar and toffee.

Water brings out thick, rapidly expanding whorling that lingers for a long while, never quite mottling. The nose now has rich, high cacao chocolate and loses the herbs and spices. The body has gained toffee, lost the tea chests and gained more of balsamic vinegar. The finish is unchanged.

An interesting effect from this cask, which is sure to get people talking.