35.168 - Essence of BFG

15 years old, distilled 17th May 2001, 60.4% abv, Virgin Toasted French Oak Butt, 594 bottles

SMWS 35.168 - Essence of BFGThe nose has toffee, caramel and hints of tobacco. The mouthfeel is thick, with plenty of cling. The body has more tannin - tobacco leaves, cinder toffee, and hints of fruits of the forest. The finish has tobacco and liquorice.

Water brings out thick, short - lived whorling that lingers briefly as mottling. The nose now gains a little hint of candied oranges, but is otherwise unchanged. The body gains a hint of ginger, and the finish is unchanged.

An interesting dram, but a little monotonous. One for educational purposes unless you really like it...