35.183 - A polar bear's birthday cake

14 years old, distilled 11th December 2001, 57.4% abv, First-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 186 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 35.183 - A polar bear's birthday cakeThe nose has watermelon, kiwi fruit, red apples, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream. The mouthfeel is decent, with a little cling. The body has vanilla, pear, honey and hints of lemon and cherries. The finish is lemon, red apples and hints of honey.

Water brings out tight, thick and short-lived whorling. The nose now has less apple, but gains gooseberry and lemon. The body has gained hints of cinnamon and lemon, and hints of wood shavings towards the finish. The finish also gains wood shavings.

A lovely light dram for summer's days.