36.90 - "Happy, frivolous, smoochy dram"

15 years old, distilled 14th September 1999, 57.5% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 217 bottles

SMWS 36.90The nose has peaches, apples, melon, raspberry jam, cheap digestive biscuits and a little camphor wood. The mouthfeel is decent with a little cling. The body has camphor wood, melon, peaches, red apples and a little toffee towards the end. The finish is sweet - toffee and camphor wood with peaches and raspberry jam.

Water brings out thick, expanding whorling that doesn't last long. The nose now loses the camphor wood but gains a little toffee. The fruit is a little more prevalent, with a little floral hint too. The body gains vanilla, but only a little, and loses the camphor wood. There's also a little crystallised orange and pear in there now. The finish is unchanged, except for swapping camphor wood for vanilla.

A lovely dram for a bright autumnal day.