37.62 - "Easy like a Sunday morning"

10 years old, distilled 5th November 2003, 58.7% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 266 bottles

This dram is incredibly pale!

The nose has lemon, apple, pear, and a hint of refreshers sweets. The mouth-feel is smooth, with a little coating. The body is more citrus - and the fizziness from the refreshers in the nose. There's also a little sponge cake. The finish is sweet vanilla and citrus zest that lingers for a while.

Water brings out tight rapidly expanding whorling, which fades quickly. The nose is now a little musty - hints of old books and dusty shelves. The body has more zest and a little less vanilla. The finish is much the same.

An interesting dram, especially given the colour. One for the hottest day of the year.