37.81 - Orange Turmeric Margarita

13 years old, distilled 1st October 2002, 56.6% abv, Second-Fill Ex-Sauternes Hogshead, 270 bottles

SMWS 37.81 - Orange Turmeric MargaritaThe nose has green apples, and a freshly opened bag of jelly tots. The mouthfeel is thin with little cling. The body has more green apples, hints of pineapple, orange zest and vanilla. The finish is orange zest and pineapple.

It needs a little while to sit to reach its full potential.

Water brings out thick whorling that vanishes quickly. The nose gains thyme and mint. The body gains white grapes and more of the orange zest, the pineapple and vanilla remain just hints. The finish is unchanged.

A great dram for any occasion.