39.105 - "Pirates puddings on the deck"

14 years old, distilled 1st June 2000, 58.1% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 290 bottles

A wonderful warm nose with teak oil and sultanas at first, expanding with a slight rum note and doughy hints after a short while. The mouthfeel is sharp but expands nicely to fill the mouth. The body has rum soaked raisins, chocolate cake, banana and hints of brandy. The finish is long, heading back towards the oiled wood notes with a little bit of the banana from the body.

After water - which produces tight but long-lasting whorls that expand very attractively - the nose has malt loaf and mango - an odd combination that somehow works! The body now has banana, malt loaf, marsala wine and more rum soaked raisins. The finish is long and rich - rum, raisins, marsala and banana.

As it sits, some leather hints emerge alongside the rich fruit, rum and wine notes - a very rewarding dram.

A superb conversation starter, to be drunk with people who are geeky about whisky as it provides so much to talk about...