39.147 - Cozy in the cottage kitchen

27 years old, distilled 30th April 1990, 58.4% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 185 bottles, dram price G

SMWS 39.147 - Cozy in the cottage kitchenThe nose has lavender, apple, oranges and a hint of eucalyptus. The mouthfeel is decent with a little cling. The body has caramel, lavender, apple, brown sugar and nutmeg, with a hint of ginger. The finish is ginger and lavender.

Water brings out thick, slowly expanding whorling that settles into lingering mottling. Very satisfying! The nose gains pears and peaches, and loses the hint of eucalyptus. The body loses some of the ginger, and the fruit notes become more intense - blood oranges, peaches, apples, pears. The lavender persists in a pleasant way. The finish loses the ginger and gains oranges and peaches.

A fine tipple, for hot summer's evenings in the garden.