39.152 - Cottage garden, cottage kitchen

13 years old, distilled 7th May 2004, 60.0% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 214 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 39.152 - Cottage garden, cottage kitchenThe nose has a curious combination of green apples, pears and then cinnamon and a hint of exotic wood - cedar? The mouthfeel is decent with no cling. The body has vanilla, cinnamon and then green apples, lemon and wood shavings. Then the cinnamon makes an encore, and brings the palate down - quite the intense experience! The finish is cinnamon and hints of vanilla and lemon.

Water brings out thick, compact whorling that dissipates quickly with no mottling. The nose gains lemon and hints of oak shavings, and loses the exotic wood notes. The body gains honey and more lemon, and loses some of the cinnamon. Or maybe I'm simply numbed from the unwatered palate? The finish is oak shavings, cinnamon, honey and lemon.

I often talk of whiskies being borderline in terms of spiciness. Unwatered, this is more of a border raider. Thankfully, water can negotiate a ceasefire. This definitely needs the calming influence of ice-cream.