39.154 - Bitter-sweet bounty

13 years old, distilled 7th May 2004, 59.8% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 208 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 39.154 - Bitter-sweet bountyThe nose is slight - sponge cake, sultanas and balsa wood. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has honey, sultanas, damsons, oak furniture, nutmeg and ginger. The finish is ginger and nutmeg.

Water brings out thin, compact whorling that lingers for a while as mottling. The nose gains polished oak, leather, baked apples - the balsa wood is lost. The body gains leather tobacco pouches, old oak furniture, raisins and hints of glace cherries. The finish gains sultanas, and loses some of the nutmeg.

A big difference with water - one for tastings, to show how that can work.

4/5 (and only because of what happens with water!)