41.102 - Kiwi marmalade on a hot cross bun

13 years old, distilled 25th August 2004, 55.6% abv, First Fill Ex-Red Wine Barrique, 258 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 41.102 - Kiwi marmalade on a hot cross bunThe nose has honeycomb, tobacco and hints of floral perfume. The mouthfeel is thin but very smooth. - no cling. The body has honey, marmalade, sultanas, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. The spice notes build as it dries, making a very spicy finish.

Water brings out thick, rapidly expanding and short-lived whorling. The nose gains banana bread and hints of red wine. The body gains fruit - kiwi fruit and banana - and loses some of the spiciness. The finish brings in hints of red wine.

Too spicy without water, but then well tempered by it. For the lovers of sherried whisky, this is a decent dram for firesides and friends.

3.5/5 (Would be 4 if not for that initial spiciness).