41.65 - "Sweet couscous with Argan oil"

30 years old, distilled 15th September 1984, 48.7% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 86 bottles

DSC_0181The nose is big and full of velvet texture - toffee, gooey light caramel, and a hint of green apples. The mouthfeel is light, smooth and nicely coating. The body has more of that light caramel, Granny Smith apples, pineapple, peach, and a touch of soft leather towards the end. The finish is soft leather, caramel and a return of the hint of apple.

With time, a tobacco note appears on the nose.

Water brings out big, rapidly expanding whorling that lingers satisfyingly. This whisky doesn't need much water! The nose now has a little ginger alongside the toffee, and has less of the caramel and apple. The body is a smooth smorgasbord of light tannin - toffee, tea chests, light tobacco, vanilla, cardamom, soft leather and a hint of fruits in the background. The finish is quieter than before, but has a little more fruit than leather.

A superb dram for celebrating with friends.