4.212 - "A dram from treasure island"

19 years old, distilled 30th November 1995, 55.4% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 258 bottles

SMWS 4.212The nose has soft smoke, vanilla, peanut brittle. The mouthfeel is thin and sharp, with no cling. The body starts with salted butter, brine and then moves towards liquorice and caramel. The finish is a beach bonfire in the distance as you chew a toffee penny in the sea breeze.

Water brings tight thin whorling that doesn't spread much, but lingers for a while. Very pleasant. The nose now has a little hint of violets, with some wood shavings. It's now very subtle and delicate. The body has the same floral note, and then a hint of lavender and on to Butterscotch. The finish is violets and distant smoke, with a little sea breeze.

A superb dram that takes water wonderfully. Buy a bottle, and then don't tell your friends about it...