4.235 - Beach bonfire embers

14 years old, distilled 5th September 2002, 56.5% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 288 bottles, dram price E

SMWS 4.235 - Beach bonfire embersThe nose has crisp wood smoke, vanilla and lemon. The mouthfeel is thin with little cling. The body has more of that smoke, vanilla, and then heathery sweetness before a little sharp lemon going into the finish. The finish itself is long, with lemon and that big crisp wood fire smoke.

Water brings out thin, rapidly expanding whorling that settles quickly into decent mottling. The nose gains notes of heather, with the lemon diminished. The body gains lavender and the smoke moves from wood smoke to peat smoke. The finish has the same change in smoke, and gains a little heather sweetness and lavender.

A great whisky for ending warm evenings.

4.5/5 (Just. Because of the interesting change in smoke.)