44.68 - "Tea time treat"

12 years old, distilled 27th June 2003, 61.0% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 274 bottles

SMWS 44.68The nose has light aromas of cedar wood, green apples, lemons and custard creams. The mouthfeel is smooth and has a little cling. The body has vanilla, custard creams, stewed apples, cinnamon, and a little liquorice towards the finish. The finish itself is cinnamon dusting, stewed apples and soaked sultanas.

Water brings out tight, rapidly expanding whorling that settles into short-lived mottling. The nose now has banana and loses the lemon notes. It also has a hint of PVA glue. The body has more vanilla and cinnamon, less stewed apples. The finish is sweeter - a little sugared lemon water along with the cinnamon.

A good dram for a packed lunch.