48.56 - "Popcorn in a sauna"

13 years old, distilled 1st November 2001, 56.3% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 214 bottles

DSC_0195The nose has hints of peach yoghurt over notes of camphor wood. The mouthfeel is smooth but thin with very little cling. The body is a delight - toffee, lemon sherbet, kiwi fruit and hazelnut, with no on flavour dominant. The finish is short, with cinnamon and a hint of fresh wood shavings.

Water brings out tight, rapidly expanding whorling that settles into pleasing mottling at the bottom of the glass. The nose now has pine wood furniture and apricot. The body has less of the lemon and kiwi fruit and more Thai spice and cardamom. The finish is longer and has less wood notes, more wood spices.

A very good dram for after a long walk in Autumn.