48.80 - Satisfying and comforting

14 years old, distilled 1st November 2001, 58.0% abv, First-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 219 bottles

SMWS 48.80 - Satisfying and comfortingThe nose has honeycomb, peaches, baked apricots, and hints of spring blossoms. The mouthfeel is decent, with a little cling. The body has Danish pastries, green apples, cinnamon and finally hints of oak shavings. The finish is short - green apples, apricots and cinnamon.

Water brings out rapidly expanding whorling that settles into lingering mottling. The nose moves towards baked apples and loses the floral note. The body also gains more apples, and loses the cinnamon. The finish is unchanged.

A lovely dram for spring evenings.