48.95 - Tongue twerking

10 years old, distilled 28th February 2007, 58.2% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 192 bottles, dram price B

SMWS 48.95 - Tongue twerkingThe nose has melon and marzipan - am unusual combination! The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has cherry lips sweets, marzipan and toasted oak towards the finish. The finish is marzipan and cinnamon.

Water brings out thin whorling that expands rapidly then settles into brief mottling. The nose gains midget gems, and loses the melon. The body gains rosewater and midget gems, but loses the cherry lips. There's also cinnamon and cardamom towards the finish - which is bigger, with more cinnamon.

Quite the chimera - one for dessert!