55.30 - "Remarkable freshness, beguiling sweetness"

14 years old, distilled 26th September 2000, 57.6% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 288 bottles

DSC_0220The nose has midget gems and "pine fresh" air fresheners, with a little lemon. The mouthfeel isn't thin, but lacks any cling. The body has marzipan, soft toffee, liquorice, and a little mint towards the end. The finish continues the mint and adds menthol, but is quite short-lived.

Water brings out rapidly expanding thin whorling that quickly settles into mottling. The nose now has perfumed wood notes instead of midget gems - camphor wood? The body has gained some fruit notes - pineapple and raisins. There's also eucalyptus and a little ginger. The finish gains eucalyptus.

A beguiling dram that displays a wide range of flavours in a cohesive manner. One to drink with friends who appreciate whisky.